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A Trattoria on a historic brick building with vines growing over the pergola

Travel: Rome’s Four Classic Pastas & Where to Enjoy Them

You’ve probably heard of them – Amatriciana, Carbonara, Cacio e Pepe, and Gricia, four classic Roman pasta dishes.

Novità: Here’s What’s New

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In Viaggio: Italian Travel

  • Boats parked in the bay in front of the village of Sant'Angelo, Ischia.

    After a hot and busy week in Rome getting ready to drop Luca off at John Cabot University, we were ready for a seaside vacation.

  • An aerial view of the Chianti region of Tuscany, Italy.

    With a farmhouse in the countryside near Greve in Chianti as our base, we spent a few days exploring the Chianti region, a charming, bucolic area of central Tuscany that roughly follows regional highway SR 22 from Florence to Siena.

Current Obsessions

  • Crostata di nutella with one slice cut out, resting on a pie slicer, and white napkin and a cup of espresso.

    Today’s recipe is an tribute to Nutella, that delicious, chocolate-hazelnut spread meant for kids but secretly loved by adults, too.

  • Olive oil cake with a slice pulled out on a cutting board sprinkled with powdered sugar and slices of blood oranges in the background.

    “Olive oil is good for you,” Stefano’s father, Andrea, used to tell us.

  • Panna cotta drizzed with ground pistachios and orange sauce on a square, white plate, with a orange slice as garnished. Two more panna cottas are in the background.
    There’s nothing more spectacular, in our opinion, than Italian pastries and desserts. Delicate, nuanced flavors; simple, natural ingredients; satisfying, but not decadent or overly sweet.
Ten Stunning Rooftop Bars in Rome!

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Ciao! We’re Cara & Stefano, formerly of Rome and now calling Minneapolis our home. Our mission is to share our favorite Italian recipes, pairings, and travel tips, so that you too can have a taste of la dolce vita.

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