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How is Due Spaghetti pronounced?

DU-ay Spah-GEH-ttee.  In Italian, double consonants are pronounced twice as long, so hang on that final “t” a while. 

What does it mean?

In Italy, you might say to your friends or family, “Facciamo due spaghetti,” meaning “Let’s make some spaghetti,” or even more generally, “Let’s make some pasta.” In Romanesco, the colorful dialect of Rome, one may say “Famoce du spaghi,” or “Let’s make ourselves some spaghetti.”

Why do you use both metric and imperial measurements?

Because we prepare Italian recipes but live in the US and are sometimes limited by how foods are packaged here.  If we are measuring our own ingredients, we will use grams and liters.  If we are purchasing food items, we may report the package or container size in imperial units, such as a 28 oz. can of whole tomatoes. 

Can I share your content on my site?

You are welcome to republish a single photo with a link back to our original post. We do not allow republication of posts or recipes without prior consent. If you would like to use more photos or an entire recipe or post, please email me so we can discuss details. 

Do you partner with brands for sponsored posts and campaigns?

We are happy to promote brands and products that we use and love on Due Spaghetti. If you are a brand interested in partnering with us, email Cara at [email protected].