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Roman style artichokes on a blue plate

Roman-style Artichokes

Few vegetables are as revered in Roman cuisine as the artichoke. Late February marks the start of the artichoke season in Rome, and the lovely thistle vegetable makes its appearance in fruit and vegetable markets and on menus across the city.

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Swordfish spaghetti on a square white plate seen from above, positioned on a silver placemat with a fork and napkin on the left and the base of a wineglass on the right.

Swordfish Spaghetti

For seafood lovers like ourselves, our recent trip to Sicily was culinary nirvana.  At Bed & Breakfast Mammaliturchi we feasted on one amazing meal after another, each prepared authentically with passione and pride by hosts Cico and Lola.

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Pesche al vino bianco

The peaches this summer have been spectacular! The abundance and superior flavor of this season’s harvest means that we will be enjoying peaches in white

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