We love to travel around Italy, and each time we go back we make a point to travel to somewhere new.

We’ve visited the wine regions of Veneto, Trentino Alto-Adige and Piedmont, and then relaxed to the sound of waves crashing outside our window in the Cinque Terre.  We’ve crossed Tuscany and Umbria more times than we can count, returning time and time again to our favorite towns and villages. We’ve wandered the narrow streets of Naples, sampling the pastries every chance we can get.  No trip to Italy is complete without a visit to the spectacular Amalfi Coast – it may be our favorite Italian destination. Most recently, we ventured to Sicily, road-tripping around the coast from the Temples of Agrigento to the pristine beaches of Cefalù. In addition, Stefano travels to Italy once or twice a year for work, visiting local wineries and meeting wine producers.

Through our travels, we’ve met wonderful, hospitable people. We’ve stayed in amazing places, eaten remarkable meals and visited captivating wineries.  We have built a network of quality, reliable hotels, B&Bs, farm stays and wineries, from rustic to opulent, undiscovered to historic. Take the worry out of travel planning and let us organize a custom Italian tour for you.

Services Offered
Itinerary Planning: Given your time frame, budget and preferred destination, we will design a custom itinerary for you, including recommendations for in-Italy travel, lodging, destinations, and restaurants.  You are responsible for all bookings.

Custom Tour: We will design a custom tour that aligns with your time frame, budget and preferred destination.  We will arranging and manage reservations for in-Italy travel, lodging, destinations including winery tours, and dinner reservations on your behalf.

Contact us, and we will follow up with a complimentary consultation.