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Scamorza al coccio

Back when we were young, before children and demanding jobs changed the landscape of our lives, we used to go out more often.  Now, evenings are centered around finishing homework, carpooling to practice, and doing laundry, while trying to stay … Continue reading

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Baccalà con patate

Here’s a bit of trivia for you – Italy is second among nations in the consumption of baccalà.  What is baccalà, you might ask? Baccalà is merluzzo, or cod, which has been salt-dried, and is later rehydrated, cooked and consumed.  … Continue reading

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Caffè Corretto, Gelato Affogato

These are the dog days of winter.  Here in the northernmost tier of North America, as as we slog through the snow and measure the temperature by windchill factor, the simple pleasures are what carry us forward as we patiently … Continue reading

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