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Mens sana in corpore sano.  A sound mind in a healthy body. This Latin phrase, which originates from the 1st century Roman poet Juvenal’s  Satire X and is attributed to the pre-Socratic Greek philosopher Thales, reflects the symbiotic relationship between … Continue reading

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Pesce spada al cartoccio

Some Due Spaghetti followers try each of our recipes diligently.  They email questions about ingredients, quantities, and procedures.  They tell us about memories they have of eating those same foods, and sometimes they share their family’s version of them with … Continue reading

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La pizza dolce (Rustic Olive Oil Cake)

“Olive oil,” Stefano’s dad Andrea used to tell us, “is good for you.”  He didn’t qualify his claim, or finish his proclamation with …in moderation.  It was simply, unconditionally, good for us. This was a lucky thing, since we never … Continue reading

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La pasta fatta in casa

This week, Due Spaghetti reached and surpassed 25,000 hits! When we started Due Spaghetti last May, we really didn’t know what it would bring, or even how long it would last.  We just knew that a lot of people were … Continue reading

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