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Un brindisi all’Anno Nuovo!

Felice Anno Nuovo!  Happy New Year! New Year’s Eve is ripe with tradition in Italy.  It’s all about biding good riddance to the bad luck and regrets of the old year, and welcoming good fortune and well-being in the new … Continue reading

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Due Spaghetti’s Christmas Eve Dinner Menu, and Holiday Wine Guide

It’s snowing today, just in time for Christmas. Christmas is white in our corner of the Earth, so the rare lack of snow leading up to the holidays has been welcomed, but is also just slightly disconcerting.  Winter simply never … Continue reading

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The Due Spaghetti Holiday Gift-Giving Guide for Italian Cooks

Ah, there is nothing like the holiday season to bring joy, cheer and elevated cortisol levels due to the tension and stress of battling traffic and crowds while trying to complete your Christmas shopping. As bad as it is here … Continue reading

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It’s December, and weekends are dedicated to holiday baking.  We keep things simple – just the 3 or 4 special Italian holiday treats from Stefano’s childhood that now have become part of our family traditions.  There are precisely the right … Continue reading

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Polenta con funghi, salsiccia e brie

Polenta was a special treat at Stefano’s mom’s house in Rome.  She made a huge pot, and Stefano’s father was in charge of stirring it, which he did with a strong branch from one of their olive trees that he’d … Continue reading

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