Do you remember Homer’s story The Odyssey, when Odysseus ties himself to his ship’s mast in order to not succumb to the call of the Sirens?

Reportedly, Odysseus was near the dramatic cliffs of the south coast of Isola di Capri, the fabulous isle located in Italy’s Bay of Naples, when the enchanting Sirens tried to lure him into those cliffs as they had many a sailor.

A different delicacy from that part of Italy, mozzarella di bufala, has been calling out to us lately, and unlike Odysseus we have succumbed with little restraint.

La Caprese, which takes its name from Isola di Capri is a classic dish that can be used as an appetizer or a second course.  Good mozzarella and flavorful tomatoes are a must.

Olive Oil
Ground black pepper

Slice your mozzarella 1/4″ thick. Do the same to your tomatoes. Arrange the tomatoes and mozzarella, one overlapping  another, on a large plate. Use a kitchen scissors to snip small pieces of basil, and sprinkle them liberally over the tomatoes and mozzarella. Salt liberally, and grind black pepper on top.  Drizzle plenty of good extra-virgin olive on top. Enjoy with good, crusty bread.

We paired our Caprese with a wine from the Campania region, where mozzarella di bufala is also from.   Fiano di Avellino is a white wine with a bright acidity.  The Fiano grape grows in the area’s volcanic soils, giving the wine a distinctive minerality.


5 thoughts on “La Caprese

  1. I would eat this every day……BUT I think that I need some of your olive oil from Italy because mine just doesn’t taste as good as yours!!! You will need to post about where to buy good olive oil or what to look for when buying olive oil. I promise to invest in good olive oil once you tell me what to look for because I’ve tasted your foods with olive oil and it tastes so much better than mine so I’ve decided it’s the olive oil that makes the difference…..right?

    • You’re right, Bao. Good olive oil makes a huge difference. We are so fortunate to have oil from Stefano’s family’s olive trees. But, you can find good store-purchased oil here. I promise a post soon on everything you need to know about olive oil!

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